Elevation Teambuilding brings colleagues together to teach gaps in your team’s essential soft skills: empathy, teamwork, leadership and communication.


Elevation Teambuilding provides high-quality, professional facilitation of a wide variety of team development services like icebreakers, leadership development seminars and team building activities.


      Teamwork: the essential skill of collaboration and cooperation in a team environment. Elevation teaches employees how to accept and build on ideas, understand roles and responsibilities, and work cooperatively with others. 


      Effective communication is organic and authentic and is all about honesty and respecting boundaries. At its core, communication is twice as much about listening as it is about speaking and we like to ask, “are you listening or are you waiting to speak?”


      Leadership is more than management. Leadership is inspiring your team to do their best. It’s about recognizing the skills and talents of all employees and giving them opportunities to shine. It is about accountability, knowing when to step up, and knowing when to step back. 


Business leaders tell us that employees in 2019 are experiencing a shortage of ‘soft skills.’ As we continue to erase these core skills with our digital lives, the need to develop basic skills of communication, teamwork and leadership is at an all-time high.

Elevation’s team and leadership development programs bring employees together to practice core soft skills: communication, leadership and teamwork – essential building blocks of the core skill of empathy.

Using professional facilitation and traditional, ground-based team building activities, Elevation’s team development programs challenge participants to work together to solve simple, but unfamiliar problems. While many of the activities seem like just fun and games, every session is debriefed by one of our professional facilitators to draw parallels between the activities and challenges completed and every day, real-world scenarios.

Team development programs are facilitated in small-group sessions to ensure ample opportunities for group members to participate. Each team development course lasts 90 minutes to two hours depending on group size and organization and opens with an icebreaker session and closes with a debrief.

We will work with you and your organization to identify and fill key gaps in your team’s soft skills.



      Leave the office meeting icebreakers at your upcoming team retreat or meeting to the team building professionals. Our trained facilitators know how to get a group excited and ready to receive your message. Activities can include brain teasers, movement and stretching, mindfulness, get-to-know-you games and more.


      Using facilitation and traditional, ground-based teambuilding activities, we challenge participants to work together to solve simple, but unfamiliar problems.

      Elevation uses small-mid-sized group sessions to ensure ample opportunities for group members to participate. Each team development course lasts 90 minutes to two hours depending on group size and organization.


      For businesses that want to dive deep, Elevation is thrilled to offer half and full-day leadership and team seminars.

      We’ll work with you to custom-build a seminar to achieve your group dynamics goals. 

Elevation Teambuilding specializes in strengthening group dynamics for businesses by strengthening your employees’ natural skills of teamwork, leadership and communication with fun activities facilitated by professionals.


An Elevation Workshop is the perfect solution for businesses and teams not looking to participate in traditional team development games or activities but that still want to get the benefits of a facilitated group dynamics exercise.

Our fun and engaging workshops on topics such as design thinking, communication, empathy, and leadership will help your team dive deeper on a particular skill of team development.

Please contact us for more information about developing a custom workshop solution for your team of employees today.


Elevation Teambuilding has conducted team building, workshops, training and facilitation for many great organizations across North America. From private businesses, to sports teams, church groups and the United States Army – we’re delighted to adapt our team development services to any organization big or small.


In addition to offering team development training, Elevation also offers Personal Development Coaching. If you’re not where you think you’re supposed to be in life and you’re tired of waiting for tomorrow to get started, it’s time to Elevate your Self with our #SELFISHhelp program.

We’re different from other development coaching programs because we develop a fully customized program in direct collaboration with you. It’s easier to achieve your goals and live your dreams if you’ve charted your own course. We’re here to help you draw the map.


Peter McGregor spent more than twenty-five seasons facilitating outdoor education and group facilitation activities to groups of all sizes, ages, backgrounds and abilities. In total, Peter estimates that he has facilitated more than 1,500 different groups across ground-based initiatives, low ropes challenge and high-ropes challenge courses.

A certified Lead Facilitator by the YMCA and Alpine Towers International, Peter has developed leadership training programs for the United States Army 25th Infantry Division, the National Military Family Association, various church and community groups, and a wide variety of businesses across many different sectors.

Known for his energetic personality, positive attitude and commanding voice, Peter uses his sense of humour, diverse expertise and upbeat confidence to help groups and individuals uncover their true potential.


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